Video Marketing Optimization on Social Video Platforms

Online video has become an effective means for a wide range of consumers to gather and process large amount of information quickly and effortlessly. As such video has become one of the most important strategies in content marketing throughout the world today.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat are now the primary video channels, both marketing and creatively, for most businesses. This has led to a drastic shift in the distribution platforms for the video content available online.

Video marketing has reached great heights, which estimations show will only further increase, resulting in the majority of the consumer internet traffic online in future years being video based media.

The amount of video marketing employed by companies and business has been shown have already outgrown the amount of similarly generated content as static images and text.

Feasible YouTube

YouTube has been used for a long time for video marketing by many businesses. Even though the trend in the recent times keeps on shifting to the contemporary social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, YouTube still remains among the top in the list of video marketing spaces online. YouTube has made it possible for the people to launch their career and grow into personal brands just by merely owning a YouTube channel which gives them the massive opportunity to reach out a wide array of demographics.

However, over time YouTube has become oversaturated by businesses and it is incredibly hard for a small to medium size business to differentiate itself from it’s competition on the platform.

Shareable Facebook

Facebook is a fast-growing video marketing platform available for businesses that provide a great opportunity for interaction from the users along with a large number of views.

Facebook is an important consideration for brand marketers who are willing to enhance their business through video marketing strategies as it provides various features to offer a greater reach. Business owners can reap the benefits from Facebook’s features like automatically video playing on news feed which makes it possible for the people to discover more content online.

Apart from these, there are certainly other benefits provided by Facebook like mobile engagement and audience targeting which can definitely help the businesses to gain from it.

Engaging Twitter

Twitter has experienced phenomenal growth when it comes to video marketing making it a noteworthy platform.

The launch of native video support for mobile and desktop apps has made it possible to allow the video content to reach a varied number of users on Twitter over the period of time. One of the effective ways of gaining user engagement on Twitter is through responding to tweets using video content.

Along with being personalized and engaging, the video content can also help the businesses and different brand marketers to reach out to the audience and establish a personal connection with them which will surely help in enhancing the business.

Trendy Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the emerging platforms for video marketing online as it has a time limit of twenty-four hours before the video disappears which produces an sense of urgency to view it before its gone. This factor in particular has played a huge role in making the platform successful in helping to reach a wide variety of audience.

The video marketing space is seeing various changes in trends day by day which is the result of the huge contribution of these different social platforms. Each of the platforms has its own advantages for video marketing which makes it convenient for  businesses to reach out to all of them and gain the maximum benefits.