The Medium Of Visual Video Content

Using images and video is a great way to provide your audience with a break from the overabundance of online text they consume daily.  Not only is it an easier way to consume large amounts of data, but it can (usually) be more entertaining also. This is the reason why connecting with the customers in any business through the medium of visual content is one of the most robust ways of maximizing engagement, revenue generation, and communication on a local and global level. The inclusion of even a small amount of video in your content has been shown to be an effective marketing tool in remaining consistently competitive in the marketplace.

The Untapped Power of Visual Video Content

Along with providing an entertaining format for grasping a company’s message, videos can be employed easily across multiple platforms.

Video provides a huge return on investment because of the many market channels it can be employed in. Video marketing broadcasts your marketing message globally, being accessible from anywhere on the planet which has an internet connection. While producing high-end Hollywood style video requires a degree of investment, a basic video can be created using only a digital camera.

Effect on Buying Decisions

The number of online consumers continues to rise thanks to video. Utilizing video in your sales strategies, as well as employing video in your email marketing campaigns will ensure you tap into this growing market. Video can help create sales in a variety of ways. Advancements in technology now allow 360 degree video, intense zoom and crystal clear views. Add a compelling voiceover and in no time you’re boosting profits and enticing prospective customers.

Comparison Of  The Methods

Using imagery and audio together in creating a marketing video helps to portray you as an “authoritative” source when providing information about your product or service. Consumers retain very little information gleaned from text or graphic-based messages in email, social media, or landing pages. With video, the customer information retention rates consistently outperform those of other methods.

No Hard and Fast Formula

There’s no hard and fast formula for creating a successful video. Sometimes following every step you see on the “hip marketing sites” to create your “next viral video” will cause you to fall flat with your customers, despite “guarantees” of success. First and foremost, when creating video content, you need it to deliver your message professionally, in a clear and crisp way. Understanding your customers’ needs and keeping your message simple goes a long way to engaging your customer. Also remember your visuals need to be optimized for the smaller resolutions of mobile devices as well.

Create Content Your Audience Will Want to Share

The rapid increase in the use of mobile devices has led to a quick, feasible and effortless way of viewing the video content online anywhere at anytime. Not only that, but it’s even easier now to share video with peers and groups. Creating engaging and consistent content that speaks to your audience’s needs and requirements ensures they will be willing and ready to share your message with others.

How Your Customers View

How your customers view is equally as important as what they view. As we mentioned, ensuring your message is optimized for mobile devices is a great way to maximize your marketing reach. Adopting design strategies and formatting methods to enhance the aesthetics of the video quality can make the content resonate more with the needs of the customers. But always remember to keep on message and don’t overwhelm them with distractions.

Enhance Your Brand

Video is great in promoting information retention in your customers. However, there’s no point in them remembering a great product or service, if they can’t remember where they saw it, or who offered it. Also when crafting a video message, you’re not showing them a 2 hour movie. Your video should be short and sweet. So, along with the stimulating visuals and amazing audio, ensuring you prominently feature your brand is a sure-fire way making your customers remember who you are.

Video can be misunderstood as a marketing tool online because of the brevity associated with advertisements. However, video is at its most effective when it’s employed as part of your overall marketing strategy. In can add authority and value to you marketing message and your brand. It engages customers more readily than static marketing methods and aids in their information retention. If you’re not employing video in your marketing efforts, you’re losing business.

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